A collaborative, wiki-based project.

Subject matter is the Machiavellian, smoke-and-mirrors world of Deep Politics, on which it holds to a presumption AGAINST authority as a reliable source of information & evidence.

In a world where much of George Orwell's dystopian '1984' society of 'Airstrip One' has become reality; where pervasive surveillance,'Doublethink', 'Newspeak' and the Party slogan - "War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength" - are unremarkable facts of everyday life, WikiSpooks represents a sort of collective Winston Smith.

Subject only to acceptance of minimal rules designed to exclude 'Thinkpol' loyalists, contributing to the WikiSpooks project is open to anyone.

WikiSpooks also invites 'whistleblower' type material through an anonymous upload facility which can be utilised in as secure a fashion as is possible on the vast spying machine that is today's World Wide Web.

So why not join us in attempting to shine light in some very dark places?

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